What is Rede Livre

Rede Livre is a services and digital products platform for local businesses, organizations, social, cultural and educational movements in search of technological solutions. Everyone can be a part of Rede and help strengthen it!

Digital transformation

We are a collaborative consortium of professionals capable of strengthening your organization.  The urgency of digital transformation in institutions and businesses reinforces the importance of investing in processes, methodologies and technologies.  So count on us!

Our Services


After registration is completed, you can login at #redelivre and create as many websites as you want autonomously. There are dozens of templates and available plugins! Choose your plan and get started!


Our infrastructure is safe and the softwares free.  All the technology as well as the knowledge we produce is shared and networked.


Innovation and collaborative methodologies enhance the quality of participation in a digital environment  through networking! Check it out now! Check it out now


The management of the digital communities connects people with common interests and enhances their engagement.


We elaborate strategies to satisfy your users and to strengthen the presence of your organization in the digital medium.



Innovative campaigns on the internet in order to impact  its users in the most diverse social media and platforms.


Connect data and information on the map.  Complex or fast-to-implement technologies.


Data intelligence makes it possible to develop more assertive strategies based on data management and lead the digital transformation of your organization.


Once connected, easily create an on-line store, a subscribers club or crowdfunding.

Effective and intuitive solutions

Development is focused on the user and easily managed by communication teams.

Fast and replicable

Replicable technologies. Once done for one, the entire network receives the update.

Focus on usability

We focus on the best experience for the user.

Our values

We fight for the common good.

Our projects seek to solve common demands and use technologies for good.  Our aim is to strengthen democracy inside and outside the digital environment.

Our knowledge is free.

More than open data, we defend the universality of knowledge. Our solutions are developed in free software. The result is neither mine nor yours, it is ours.

Collaboration: let’s do it together.

We believe in the solidarity power of the network. We build knowledge by integrating the skills and competencies of our members. Together we learn and evolve.

We value the plural.

Respect for human beings is non-negotiable at #RedeLivre. Diversity and representativeness of all social spheres are accepted here. No to discrimination and prejudice.

Network testimonials

Valéria Camargo

flacso.org.br Our partnership with Rede Livre started in 2015 when we decided to update the site of Flacso Brasil.  Since then we have been well catered for with commitment and dedication.  We chose the platform first due to the quality of the services it offers, secondly because we also share the same democratic values that guide its work and finally because we believe in sharing knowledge and in the power of collective actions.  Long live  Rede Livre!

Michele Torineli

vidaboa.redelivre.org.br I was fortunate to take part in the emergence of Rede Livre together with Coletivo Soylocoporti. It is a joy to tell the many stories of Vida Boa, of the social, indigenous, spiritual and women in Abya Yala movements – this Latin America of vital blood -, in a safe and reliable environment which shares a philosophy of life, a vision of the world and a common way of life that is based on sharing.  Long live networking.

Branca Schulz

midianinja.org We have been a part of the Rede Livre community since its inception, and together we have developed a series of solutions that collaborate and leverage innovation and digital transformation of collectives, enterprises and social movements across Latin America.  Its free software values such as collaboration, sharing, security and networking are its source codes!

Helena Cantão

produtosdaterrapr.com.br Rede Livre has been with us since our very beginning in 2016.  Its dedicated personnel engaged with our struggles challenged us technologically to broaden our reach and horizons with the creation of a site where consumers could connect with the production of food from the Agrarian Reform, Family Agriculture and Solidarity Economy.  We believe conscious consumption takes to tables the debate of Agroecology, Cooperativism, Popular Struggles and Good-Living.

Têmis Nicolaidis

pontosdeculturars.redelivre.org.br I had the chance to work with Rede Livre when I upgraded the site of the Pontos de Cultura of RS.  I was impressed with the facilities and the versatility that the platform offers, an intuitive and complete means for programming beautiful and functional websites. A tool this size makes work accessible, enabling users with basic or intermediate knowledge to achieve professional results.  For the Points of Culture, a network made up of approximately 200 entities, it came as a blessing to be able to transform their virtual home.

Líllian Pacheco

graosdeluzegrio.org.br We, from Grãos de Luz and Griô, fight for education, culture and community economy that create processes of collaboration, social participation, empowerment in a network of educators, Griõs master(s), students from rural communities and the outskirts, settlements, quilombolas, indigenous peoples, “terreiros/temples”, ethnic-cultural and gender groups that experience the violence of social inequality.  Having a communications partner that guarantees decentralization, interconnection and free public access of our communication adds civilizing values ​​to communication in our work.

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You have access to all technologies developed by us in our Github repository and you can join our Telegram group.  If you would like to connect with our digital service provider network, please contact us.

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